BINKA Consulting provides a comprehensive package for the legitimate 100% Approval of Foreign Direct Investment and Incorporation of Private Limited Companies (PT) including expatriate work and stay permit in Indonesia. We aim to ensure minimum cost and maximum efficiency is provided to all our clients.

Foreign Investment Services

Indonesia has a solid track record for investment by both domestic and foreign companies. With over 200 million population, and a wealth of resources scattered throughout Indonesia’s provinces, together with the challenges offered by incremental stages of trade and investment liberalization, the country offers growing opportunities for investors.

Foreign Investment Approvals

The Indonesian government is strongly supportive of foreign direct participation in the country’s development. Most sectors are now fully open to foreign direct investment, except for a few reserved sectors and some sectors governed by the special condition. For foreign Direct Investment, the license-granting agency is the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), however, what foreign companies are allowed to do and the process for obtaining that approval are complex and constantly changing. Our foreign investment personnel has wide experience in advising and helping clients investing in Indonesia in the process for obtaining government permission. We also give legal advice on the structures for foreign investment to maximize control and minimize tax

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