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The development of technology certainly has an impact on the development of a country’s economic sector, so that human resources will increase in various fields. In addition, the development of globalization encourages the movement of capital and investment flows to various parts of the world, resulting in population migration or movement of labor from one country to another. Indonesia is no exception, which is still the target of foreign investors to invest in Indonesia. Automated resource services and labor migration occur

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Start a Business in Indonesia

When you want to Start a Business In Indonesia, of course, you will look for a region or country that has human resources, as well as the licensing process, and Indonesia is one of the countries that is targeted by many foreign investors. Due to the potential of the Indonesian state to invest, the operational costs are quite cheap. Especially with the regulations that have been issued by the Omnibus Law. But did you know that Indonesia is not an easy

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Setting Up Company in IndonesiaAs an archipelago with diverse cultures, Indonesia has tremendous development and investment potential. Its cultural diversity is well known throughout the world, making Indonesia always explore itself to welcome foreign tourists and investors. So that they do not close themselves to citizens who want to invest in Indonesia. There have been many large companies or PT PMAs that will set up companies in Indonesia because of the potential that Indonesia has. Is it Difficult to Set Up a